About the ADB

macbook with slider image 1_edited-1The Affinity Data Bank (ADB) is a suite of user-friendly tools designed to make the latest and most accurate protein-DNA and protein-RNA binding prediction tools accessible to all scientists. The ADB also includes tools to predict in vivo binding due to chromatin accessibility as well as differences in binding due to SNPs and other polymorphisms. The ADB aims to integrate the most useful information from Entrez, Pfam, InterPro, and the PDB to help scientists find functional binding sites, functional SNPs, potential binding proteins, and differences in binding across protein families.

In addition, our tools provide scientists with access to a wide range of affinity models including PWMs, PSAMs, and (dinucleotide) FSAMs. Also, pHMM support for modeling variable-length motifs is planned for the next release. The ADB also supports all the major model formats including Jaspar, MatrixREDUCE, FeatureREDUCE, CIS-BP, Uniprobe, and Biojava.


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