In-house Beta Testing Reveals a Few Bugs

The In-house beta testing has revealed quite a few bugs over the last 2 weeks. Most of them have now been fixed. Here’s a list of the major bugs that have been fixed:

  • Loading and saving of new models into the ADB to include in model searches
  • Appending the .png or .pdf extension to saved images
  • Loading of multiple sequences from different chromosomes or genomes
  • Improve calculation time of ddG and L1 Specificity Metrics
  • Improved model loading times
  • Include missing affinity models

We’ve also added a couple new features to improve usability:

  • Click and drag zooming in the Sequence Browser
  • Zooming

Beta Testing Officially Begins!

In-house beta testing of the ADB officially began on August 13, 2015. It took two years instead of one to complete all the feature functionality that was planned for the first release. However, we are pleased with the final result. Bugs and suggested enhancements are being logged in a separate google document for each tool. If you cannot get access to the documents then please post your comments or suggestions in the forums section of the ADB site (preferred), or you can email them directly to me.

Todd Riley

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